Rob Stam is an author and business advisor, specializing in the areas of entrepreneurship, strategic planning, and business owner development. Scroll down to learn more about the specific services offered. 


Have an idea but not sure what to do with it? Involved in a Start-up and discovering that you're a bit overwhelmed? Put Rob's experience to work helping you develop the skills needed to make your venture a success. He literally wrote the book on it, so you can start there by reading it (Click here). Beyond that, Rob offers opportunities to join him on Entrepreneur Survival Training trips where you can pick his brain and expand your understanding of how success in entrepreneurship happens. 

Success is a choice and it doesn't happen by accident. Research shows that 90% of business owners admit to having no strategic plan. Statistics show that 90% of business don't survive ten years. Perhaps there's a correlation between the two worth noting.  

Rob's proprietary strategic planning process has been implemented and proven by multiple businesses and organizations. Put it to work for you! 

Very few people have reached their full potential on their own. In every vocation, from sports to business, the highest achievers have reached their success with the help of coaches at various stages in their career. Rob's specialty is serving as a personal advisor, coach, and counselor to business owners, helping them navigate the challenges of leadership, life balance, relationships, and more.