Rob Stam is an author, speaker, and advisor, specializing in the areas of organizational strategy, entrepreneurship, and business owner development. 


"We invited Rob to talk about"Strategic Marketing" with a large group of nonprofit professionals and were incredibly impressed by his depth of knowledge and experience as well as his presentation style. Rob's strength is his ability to connect and easily engage with the audience while providing several valuable "takeaways" in a short amount of time. The swarm of participants approaching Rob after his talk is evidence of his level of content knowledge and relatability. I would highly recommend Rob for future speaking engagements." 

- Patrick Cisler, Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance

"I found Rob to be very focused on understanding what mattered most to us yet he was able to lead us to think new and creative, "outside of our box" sort of  thoughts.  Many of these conversations not only helped us find our new voice, but also served to bring greater unity to our staff. This combination of building on the old to design the new, also was helpful in leading our various constituents through the rebranding process."  
- Lisa B. - Grand Rapids, Michigan
"Rob's real life perspective on business and leadership plays an imperative role in entrepreneurial education today.  Much of today's entrepreneurial environment cannot be categorized in text books or "Ivory Towers."  It is alive and well, however, through Rob's experiences as a life long entrepreneur and community business leader.  As an entrepreneur and educator, I recommend Rob's message through The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide to anyone looking to get started in business for themselves and, more importantly, those who think they have it all figured out.  I promise you, you don't." 
- Mike Dokter, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy at Davenport University