The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide

When embarking on any adventure, the key to enjoyment and success is first knowing the appropriate survival skills.

Entrepreneurship is an adventure, and the same principle applies. 

Most businesses do not survive. Why? Is it because of bad ideas? Lack of talent? Sometimes, but most of the time it's because the entrepreneur at the helm has never been educated in the foundational skills needed to survive and succeed.

In The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide, author Rob Stam uses his personal story of early failure and starting over in business to teach these essential lessons in the form of Ten Keys to Survival. 

The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide will open your eyes to concepts that are completely new, and some you may have ignored for too long. Regardless of your experience in business to this point, you're sure to become a more well-rounded and equipped leader, better prepared for the joys and struggles you'll face on your entrepreneurial journey. 

“I’m an avid reader of business books, and have rarely found one more clear-cut and easy to follow as this practical guide to beginning a business. This book skips the ‘feel good’ stu and gets right to the nuts and bolts. I appreciate the author’s candor about past business successes and failures, and highly recommend this book to any beginning or serial entrepreneur.”
-RR (Amazon Reviewer)